Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 23.10.2009 FROM VOGT AND MAGUIRE

A relatively active week in the sale and purchase market with a considerable
number of sales to report. Chinese owners returning to a buying mood after
sometime and are targeting 90's built panamaxes. Vietnamese Buyers are also
becoming more active in the second hand market after concerns that local
shipyard Vinashin might delay some of their newbuilding orders.

At the same time there have been reports that Vinashin has won an order from
local Shipowner for 16 bulkers between 34,000 dwt and 56,000 dwt worthing
450 m.

Prices in the Indian sub-continent have come down and China is becoming more
competitive again with demolition prices ranging between Usd 260/270 per
Bangladesh remains the leader in the wet tonnage continuing to offer the
highest prices. After the demolition of the VLCC 'Front Vanadis' there are
90 non double hull VLCCs still trading in the world fleet. It is expected
number will be further reduced by the end of the year.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Dyna Auk Cape 151,220 90 USD 17.30 M China
Seawind Pmax 74,012 96 USD 23.00 M Vietnam
Global Challenger Pmax 73,000 96 USD 22.00 M China
Bintang Biru Pmax 71,927 83 USD 7.00 M Undisclosed
Ym Equality Pmax 70,252 96 USD 22.00 M China
Sejahtera Pmax 69,073 94 USD 18.50 M China
Fair Wind Pmax 69,058 95 USD 22.00 M China
Rosetta Hndy 29,099 84 USD 5.50 M Undisclosed
Rosella Hndy 28,900 05 USD 22.60 M Demark
Virginia Hndy 26,523 85 USD 4.50 M Undisclosed
Clipper Stamford Hndy 20,731 98 USD 12.50 M Undisclosed

Alder 797teu 9,865 00 USD 2.50 M Europe
Barbara 336teu 4,850 96 - Undisclosed

Ew Cook Reef 6,916 86 USD 1.07 M Auction Durban

Asian Chorus Roro 21,505 97 - Undisclosed en bloc
Asian Legend Roro 21,421 96 - '' ''

Stena Comfort Vlcc 258,096 92 USD 13.30 M Undisclosed
Northway Tank 151,910 89 USD 8.20 M China (conversion)
Sanko Quality Tank 95,628 93 USD 14.50 M Undisclosed
Bright Express Tank 42,235 93 USD 8.50 M Undisclosed
Baltic Serenity Tank 37,250 09 USD 27.20 M Greece
Baltic Solar Tank 37,250 10 USD 27.20 M Greece
Arabian Wind Tank 17,442 87 USD 2.13 M Singapore (Auction)

St. Georgios Bulk 7574/LDT 81 USD 285.00/ton India
Manila Star Bulk 8334/LDT 78 USD 270.00/ton China
Jurupema Comb 25066/LDT 77 - India
Manila Star Cont 4914/LDT 79 USD 270.00/ton China
Liguria Cont 78 USD 289.00/ton India
Astakos Tank 11427/LDT 86 USD 326.00/ton Bangladesh
Front Vanadis Tank 32664/LDT 91 USD 325.00/ton Bangladesh

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

Best regards
VARENCO PTY LTD / Vogt and Maguire Shipbroking Ltd

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