Sunday, November 15, 2009


In the late 90´s MRM SA predicted the upsurge of low level piracy off Somalia. This was rejected or ignored by the bulk of the maritime community. The warning was repeated in 2002 and received a similarly unenthusiastic reception, as did it´s forecast about West Africa.

It will be appreciated that MRM SA - unlike, for example, the IMB who perform an excellent post-event reporting and data collection service - is a pro-active organisation anticipating challenges, and acting swiftly and decisively on behalf of major clients.

Now, as difficult times appear on the maritime horizon, MRM SA is ready to help our industry rise to and overcome it´s new challenges.

In addition, therefore, to it´s Anti-Piracy service, the company continues to offer Cargo Loss Control and Asset Recovery services, now supplemented by a Vessel Lay-Up service utilising it´s extensive experience gained during recoveries where both hot and cold lay-ups were often necessary.




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