Thursday, November 5, 2009


Alternative Energy

At present, vessels are propelled by diesel engines that burn fossil fuel. But to develop a sustainable society we must not only save energy but also use clean energy NYK are focusing on fuel cells as a promising clean-energy option. We are targeting the achievement of " zero emissions " by 2050 and have designed the concept ship NYK Super Eco Ship 2030 as a milestone for 2030 with MTI (our subsidiary technology institute), Elomatic (a marine consulting company in Finland)



It is a unique tool for fast 3D hull model inspection with fly trough, orbit and spinning visualization. The user can query the model for structural details like material, thickness, weights, size, logistics etc. One-click "filter" buttons can be used to detect anomalies in hull structural thickness, material and orientation. Advanced color and lighting features are available to create photo realistic images of the ship, which can be stored in postscript, bmp or pdf format for publication purposes.

Downloads the free Hull Viewer V5.3 here! the free Hull Viewer V5.2 here!



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