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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Incoterms 2010 Take Effect January 1st, 2011in

Incoterms 2010 will take effect on January 1st, 2011. Since the last
revision, Incoterms 2000, there have been a number of changes in both global
and domestic trade, this revision addresses those changes.
In contrast to the previous four classes, E,F,C and D, Incoterms will now be
separated into 2 groups, those applicable to all modes of transport and
those only applicable to sea and inland waterway transport.
There will now be a total of 11 terms instead of 13, with 2 new additions,
DAP and DAT and 4 deletions, DAF, DDU, DEQ and DES.


Incoterms 2010 applicable for all modes of transport:
EXW : ex works
FCA : free carrier
CPT : carriage paid to
CIP : carriage and insurance paid to
DAT : delivered at terminal - NEW!
DAP : delivered at place - NEW!
DDP : delivered duty paid
Incoterms 2010 only applicable for sea and inland waterway transport:
FAS : free alongside ship
FOB : free on board
CFR : cost and freight
CIF : cost, insurance and freight

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Diwali Greetings

Happy Diwali

We wish this year brings you peace, health and wealth to you and all in the

Have a happy and safe Diwali

Anjali Vivek and Varun

Vivek Rao


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Financial Times Reports Adani Group Investment

Adani Enterprises will invest USD 6.9 billion in developing its recently
acquired Australian coal mines, the company said today.
"Adani ... is committed to invest USD 6.9 billion (about Rs 30,500 crore) in
Australia for developing mine, rail and port project in its Galilee Basin
coal mine in Queensland, Australia to produce up to 60 million tonnes of
coal a year at its peak," it said in a statement.
The acquisition is one of the largest coal mine deals by an Indian group.
The company in August bought the coal mine for about Rs 12,600 crore in a
cash and royalty deal.
Vivek Rao
Mob: +61-437-597-579
Tel: +61-2-9882-6947
Fax: +61-2-8079-6889
ABN 99 127 152 363
19 Willis Road Castle Cove NSW 2069 Australia

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NZIER freight report

The Freight Futures: Long-term Sea Freight Scenarios report explores the
role of freight transport policy in promoting economic growth by conducting
an initial examination of the specific aspects of sea freight movements in
the New Zealand context domestically and internationally. The focus is on
the important supply and demand factors that influence the efficiency of the
sea freight sector.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


A BSM 45,744dwt tanker was heading yesterday for Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, when a small craft full of pirates came alongside about 600 miles south west of India, said the company, which is technical manager for the ship.
The crew members took refuge in an impregnable citadel area onboard, where they remained for about 14 hours. The crew regained control when the pirates fled.
Small-arms fire was reported during the attack. No injuries reported

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 08.10.2010

The big news this week was that the Export-Import Bank of China has signed (for
the first time) loan agreements with a number of Greek shipowners. Otherwise,
there was plenty of activity in the Sale and Purchase market with a number of
older bulkers fetching very firm prices.

In the newbuilding sector it has been reported that Zodiac Maritime has placed
an order for ten 13,000 teu container ships at STX Offshore & Shipbuilding for
an estimated Usd 120/125 m each.

The demolition market has also been very firm with the 17406 ldt cape 'Swift
Resolute' fetching an above market Usd 460 per ldt from Chinese scrap Buyers.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Ata Cape 194,226 85 USD 12.50 M China
Konmax Pmax 73,900 00 USD 31.50 M Undisclosed
Haoning Glory Hmax 45,208 94 USD 21.70 M Auction Hong Kong
Assimina Hmax 41,096 84 USD 9.30 M Indonesia
Albatross Hmax 40,507 81 USD 5.25 M Undisclosed
New Sailing Star Hmax 32,000 10 USD 24.50 M Undisclosed
Pantanassa Hndy 31,774 83 USD 5.50 M China
Friendship Hndy 29,135 84 USD 6.20 M Greece
Clipper Mermaid Hndy 27,000 01 USD 19.00 M Undisclosed
Thor Confidence Hndy 24,900 83 USD 4.00 M Undisclosed
Seven Seas Hndy 24,290 96 USD 14.00 M Europe
William Hndy 23,829 95 USD 14.30 M Lebanon
Zenobia Hndy 21,339 84 USD 4.60 M East Mediterranean

Swan 4706teu 61,489 95 - Greece
Lautan Mas 1308teu 22,210 92 - Greece
Sinar Bontang 932teu 11,810 02 USD 14.00 M Argentina

Frio Nikolayev Reef 5,290 93 USD 5.00 M Russia
Eurofrost Reef 5,250 91 USD 5.00 M Russia

Genmar Victory Vlcc 316,000 01 USD 72.00 M Norway incl 5 years bbb
Genmar Vision Vlcc 316,000 01 USD 72.00 M '' '' '' ''
Morning Glory III Afra 84,991 96 USD 14.00 M Greece
Payal Tank 37,000 07 USD 30.00 M Undisclosed
Samho Freedom Tank 17,000 09 - Undisclosed
Golden Georgia Tank 16,337 96 USD 6.00 M Far East
Aegean Force Tank 6,679 80 USD 1.10 M Undisclosed

Ireex Bulk 5615/LDT 78 USD 475.00/ton India
Grand Fortune Bulk 5404/LDT 71 USD 370.00/ton China
Swift Resolute Bulk 17406/LDT 82 USD 460.00/ton China (incl 1600t ifo rob)
Vilyandi Roro 6015/LDT 78 USD 470.00/ton India
Alf Armar Tank 2600/LDT 85 USD 475.00/ton India (incl 50t st steel)
Orange Star Tank 7128/LDT 76 USD 485.00/ton India (incl 230t st steel)

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Sydney Harbour- Anjali and Rahul

Rahul writes for DNA Pune and is visiting Australia and New Zealand.
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Australia, the world’s largest exporter of coal and iron ore, raised its forecast for commodity exports this fiscal year to a record amid increasing demand and cli mbing
prices. Sales may reach AUD 2 14.9 billion (USD 203.4 billion) in the year ending 30 June 2011. That compares with the June es timate of AUD 202.5 billion and a
revised AUD 170.6 billion for the previous year. Amid continued concern about the MRRT from Australia's junior iron ore players, CISA secretary-general Shan Shanghua yesterday said China's steelmakers would "not be able to accept rising costs from the Australia iron ore mining tax".

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 07.05.2010

Prices for modern bulk carriers have risen by an estimated 20 pct in the
last few weeks due to the scarcity of real sales candidates. Activity in the
tanker market remains high with Vale securing five more single hull VLCC's
for conversion into Very Large Ore Carriers. Two older double hull
aframaxes, the 'Tigani'(Blt 91) and 'Lochness' (Blt 93), have been sold at
relatively low prices. In the container sector despite the high demand for
quality tonnage many possible sale candidates have been withdrawn from the

In the newbuilding market according to reports over 100 ships have been
ordered since 2009 with kamsarmaxes and suezmaxes being the most popular
choices in the dry and wet sector respectively. This week two resale
supramaxes ex Dayang with delivery second half 2011 have been reportedly
sold for Usd 32,5 m each.
According to some predictions in view of the recent increase in the second
hand container ships values, we might see some Owners start to consider
newbuilding orders especially for smaller tonnage.

The demolition market in the Indian Sub Continent remains volatile, but
Chinese breakers continue to offer very competitive prices.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Docecape Cape 151,852 87 USD 10.40 M China

Jin Star Pmax 80,300 09 USD 41.00 M Greece
(incl tc at Usd 14250/d until end 2014)

Xanadu Pmax 73,000 99 USD 30.50 M China

Agios Nektarios Smax 52,540 88 USD 8.00 M China
Nosco Peace Hndy 26,384 83 USD 4.25 M Undisclosed

Silvana Bulk 6,311 92 USD 3.70 M Turkey
Katerini Bulk 5,207 80 USD 0.72 M Syria

Northern Fortune 1899teu 30,685 91 USD 5.50 M China

Shaula Star Vlcc 301,591 94 USD 116.50M Brazil en bloc (conversion)
Polaris Star Vlcc 301,569 94 USD '' '' '' ''
Mirfak Star Vlcc 301,542 94 USD '' '' '' ''
Pherkad Star Vlcc 301,389 95 USD '' '' '' ''
Markab Star Vlcc 301,227 94 USD '' '' '' ''

Tigani Tank 97,114 91 USD 12.50 M Thailand
Livia Tank 93,600 03 USD 38.00 M Egypt
Lochness Tank 90,607 93 USD 14.00 M India
Miss Claudia Tank 40,000 06 USD 27.20 M Denmark
(basis 3 yr b/b tc at Usd 8000/d)
Ostria Tank 39,768 00 USD 8.50 M Undisclosed
Nordanvind Tank 39,580 01 USD 8.50 M Undisclosed
Usuki 1724 Tank 19,990 10 USD 30.00 M USA
Usuki 1728 Tank 19,990 11 USD 30.00 M USA
Bro Opti Tank 7,476 95 USD 5.00 M Fareast
Bro Venture Tank 7,476 95 USD 5.00 M Fareast
Multitank Britanni Tank 5,846 96 EUR 13.30 M Undisclosed en bloc
Multitank Badenia Tank 5,846 97 '' '' ''

Tasman Resolution Twee 23,853 88 USD 5.50 M China
Columbian Express Twee 20,479 86 USD 6.50 M China

Monica Sofia Bulk 6603/LDT 78 USD 300.00/ton India 'as is' Bilbao
Cape Ore Bulk 19748/LDT 81 USD 425.00/ton China
Maha Gayatri Bulk 6652/LDT 77 USD 437.50/ton China
Msc Mexico Cont 16485/LDT 78 USD 440.00/ton India
Athena I Cont 11529/LDT 80 USD 450.00/ton China
Coral Sea Reef 6416/LDT 76 USD 410.00/ton India
Mubaraka Tank 15236/LDT 68 USD 377.00/ton 'as is' Sharjah
Jag Palak Tank 7343/LDT 85 USD 450.00/ton 'as is' Sri Lanka
Athina Tank 3697/LDT 75 USD 270.00/ton Turkey
Stolt Integrity Tank 77 - India
Blue Lady Twee 6256/LDT 81 USD 440.00/ton Bangladesh

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


CG/LA Infrastructure LLC is a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm that
specializes in strategic infrastructure project identification and
development. The firm released its list of South America's 50 most crucial
infrastructure projects ahead of the upcoming 8th Annual Latin American
Leadership Forum, scheduled to take place April 21-23 in Bogota,Colombia.

The projects listed include Rio's 2016 Olympics infrastructure investment,
$14 billion;Colombia's Ruta del Sol Section 3, $2.5 billion; Mexico's Water
Efficiency Investment Program, $2 billion; Panama's Metro, $1 billion; and
Peru's Santa Maria Desalination Plant, $160m. Infrastructure projects such
as these typically call for large amounts of project, heavy lift and
breakbulk cargo.

A disaster relief workshop during the forum will highlight innovations that
will benefit Chileand Haiti as they rebuild infrastructure affected by
recent earthquakes.


Maven is a global network of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who seek to connect with others to share their knowledge. Maven's proprietary "micro-consulting" platform allows members to participate in short duration telephone consultations and electronic surveys in exchange for direct compensation by Maven's clients.

Everybody Knows Something...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 02.04.2010

Good specification dry tonnage remains very much in demand, although less
deals have emerged this week in comparison to recent times. Prices remain
firm and in line with recently established levels. In the container market,
prices are generally improving. Interestingly there are few, if any, large
modern container vessels available for sale and an increasing number of
potential purchasers looking to buy, in the belief that sale prices have now
reached the bottom. The wet market remains quiet with no major deals to

Newbuilding enquiry and contracts remain at healthy levels. Yard orderbooks
are starting to look a lot better with all 2011 berths in Korea now
reportedly gone and most in China. This week has seen the reported order of
seven kamsarmaxes at the Korean Shipyard SPP by European owners. The Korean
yard is said to be pricing the vessels at excess Usd 36 million per vessel.

Demolition prices remain very firm with a couple of tanker vessels reported
sold as is Singapore and Fujairah for the extremely good price of Usd 465
per lt. Whether the market can sustain such prices remains to be seen.
Possibly in the short term, as breakers remain keen to secure tonnage before
the monsoon season. Chinese breakers continue to struggle to compete and as
a result activity in this market remains weak.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
China Venture Cape 176,000 05 USD 55.00 M China
(incl t/c at usd 22,450pd until 7/2011)
Dura Cape 105,496 81 USD 7.50 M China

Arabella Pmax 75,500 01 USD 33.80 M India
Bahia Blanca Pmax 74,043 98 USD 28.25 M Cyprus

Guodian 9 Hmax 50,383 94 - Undisclosed
Aristea M Hmax 45,584 97 USD 21.70 M Undisclosed
ZSQ Star Hmax 45,470 86 USD 7.50 M Middle East
SJN Intrepid Hmax 43,648 94 USD 18.40 M Greece
Golden Hmax 38,099 85 - Undisclosed
Patriot Hndy 31,550 02 USD 24.20 M Greece

Heloise Hndy 29,800 10 USD 27.00 M Hong Kong
Shanhaiguan 027 Hndy 29,800 10 USD 27.00 M Hong Kong

Oliva Hndy 12,349 85 USD 3.05 M China
Eltsen Single 6,471 81 USD 0.80 M Turkey
Apollo Eagle Single 6,341 72 - Undisclosed

Iwato 1613teu 24,372 95 USD 7.50 M Undisclosed

Gaz Galaxy Gas 7,000 02 USD 20.00 M Turkey
Gas Prodigy Gas 3,930 95 USD 5.00 M Indonesia
Gas Prophet Gas 2,999 96 USD 17.70 M Undisclosed en bloc
Gas Texiana Gas 5,589 95 " " " "
Sigas Centurion Gas 1,872 84 - Russia
Zephyr Gas 1,800 85 USD 1.25 M East Europe

Sea Sapphire Tank 96,173 94 USD 10.50 M Undisclosed
Taiyoh I Tank 89,960 91 USD 6.00 M Indonesia
Sanon Tank 19,500 04 USD 22.00 M Europe
Shoshun Tank 8,500 99 USD 7.50 M Taiwan
Mars Tank 4,990 96 - Vietnam

Wealth Star Twee 16,954 91 USD 4.50 M Undisclosed
Inter Noble Twee 8,123 90 USD 3.10 M Undisclosed

Geni 3 Bulk 3147/LDT 75 USD 410.00/ton Pakistan
Matinelli Bulk 5769/LDT 80 USD 380.00/ton India
Holy Light Bulk 7641/LDT 77 USD 418.00/ton Bangladesh
Msc Toba Cont 18558/LDT 82 USD 425.00/ton India
Tower Bridge Cont 13140/LDT 85 USD 360.00/ton China
Car Bridge I Roro 14134/LDT 81 USD 425.00/ton Bangladesh
Theresa Ii Tank 5268/LDT 82 USD 395.00/ton Bangladesh
Kriti Akti Tank 8597/LDT 86 USD 440.00/ton India 'as is' Fujairah
Marie C Tank 1250/LDT 74 USD 675.00/ton India
Al Farabi Tank 12770/LDT 86 USD 470.00/ton Bangladesh
'as is' Spore incl 130t st/steel
Hesnes Tank 16350/LDT 90 USD 465.00/ton Bangladesh 'as
Kamee Tank 84 USD 450.00/ton Bangladesh
Ce-Pacific Tank 88 USD 465.00/ton 'as is' Fujairah
San Sebastian Twee 3891/LDT 74 USD 432.00/ton India

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report 12.3.10

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 12.03.2010
This week we again saw considerable activity in the sale and purchase
with panamaxes and handies being the most popular sizes. Prices are heading
north and it is interesting to notice the lack of real sale candidates in
modern tonnage.

The attractive newbuilding prices have generated more orders for dry
According to reports two more 82,000 dwt kamasarmaxes have been ordered at
Korean shipyard SPP and two at the Korean Hyundai Mipo for a price of around
Usd 36 M each.

The demolition activity was increased compared to the previous week and the
prices remained firm. Three more single hull VLCC's have been sold to
Bangladesh, which is the most popular destination for wet tonnage.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Sea Victory Cape 180,000 04 USD 63.00 M China
F. D. Cris De Angelis Pmax 74,500 07 USD 38.00 M India
(incl 35-37m mos tc attached at Usd 22250/d)
Pearl Seas Pmax 74,500 06 USD 38.00 M Undisclosed
Bahia Blanca Pmax 74,043 98 USD 27.80 M China
Catriena Pmax 73,829 98 USD 27.00 M Undisclosed
Glory Guangzhou Pmax 64,975 85 USD 12.00 M S.East Asia
Pax Hndy 31,850 09 USD 160.00 M Greece en bloc
Palawan Hndy 31,850 07 USD '' '' ''
Padre Hndy 31,850 08 USD '' '' ''
Patriarch Hndy 31,550 02 USD '' '' ''
Parat Hndy 31,550 03 USD '' '' ''
Patent Hndy 31,550 04 USD '' '' ''
UBC Stavanger Hndy 31,770 04 USD 23.60 M Switzerland
Eastwind Yates Hndy 29,800 10 - Undisclosed
Eastwind York Hndy 29,800 10 - Undisclosed
Costis Hndy 29,112 84 USD 5.70 M Turkey
Silvretta Hndy 29,721 03 USD 21.90 M Greece
Silvaplana Hndy 28,800 03 USD 21.90 M Greece
Sunny Royal Hndy 28,300 00 USD 19.25 M Korea
Pos Auckland Hndy 28,300 03 USD 20.60 M Greece
Armelle Hndy 26,771 84 USD 5.30 M Undisclosed
Clipper Sentosa Hndy 20,742 99 USD 13.75 M Undisclosed

Maritim Kiel 3348teu 44,585 94 USD 8.50 M China en bloc
Maritim Frankfurt 3348teu 41,570 93 USD '' '' ''
Asian Steamer 1118teu 13,760 03 USD 12.75 M Undisclosed
Vivaldi 908teu 12,750 83 USD 2.25 M Turkey
Polaris 1139teu 12,216 93 USD 8.80 M Turkey
Akrafell 1139teu 12,216 93 USD 8.80 M Turkey
Oak 1 797teu 9,866 99 USD 5.10 M Philippines

Southern Harvest Reef 8,946 90 USD 13.00 M Greece en bloc
Glorious Harvest Reef 8,830 89 USD '' '' ''
Galaxy Harvest Reef 8,800 88 USD '' '' ''

Boheme Roro 14,900 99 USD 50.00 M Singapore
(including 15yr tc at Usd 10M p/a)
Viire Roro 1,309 88 USD 4.00 M Cyprus

Miltiadis M Ii Tank 159,500 06 USD 71.25 M Undisclosed
Vijayanti Tank 31,259 98 USD 11.00 M Greece
Zoja II Tank 28,610 89 USD 8.50 M Nigeria en bloc
Zoja I Tank 28,610 88 USD '' '' ''
Lista Tank 27,892 95 USD 7.00 M Switzerland
Anna Johanne Tank 3,294 94 - Undisclosed

Territory Trader Twee 3,194 91 - Undisclosed

Khaled Muhieddine Bulk 4729/LDT 77 USD 380.00/ton Bangladesh
Atlantic Joy Bulk 2919/LDT 78 USD 352.00/ton India
Micro Bulk 4594/LDT 78 USD 380.00/ton India
Kerem Hantal Bulk 2705/LDT 69 USD 362.00/ton India
Sang Thai Lumber BULK 2317/LDT 74 USD 285.00/ton India

Primorye Maru Cont 3685/LDT 77 USD 326.00/ton China
Msc Calcutta Cont 9842/LDT 79 USD 387.00/ton India
Beauty Cont 5974/LDT 78 - China
Gati Suvidha Cont 2415/LDT 83 - Bangladesh
Zulka-1 Cont 2780/LDT 83 - Undisclosed
Borthwick Gas 77 - India
Vans Queen Roro 5432/LDT 78 USD 356.00/ton India
Menhir Roro 2520/LDT 68 - Undisclosed
Al Tahreer Tank 32025/LDT 92 USD 11.7M lumpsum Bangladesh
Al Awdah Tank 31519/LDT 91 USD 11.7M '' Bangladesh
Al Shuhadaa Tank 31440/LDT 92 USD 11.5M '' Bangladesh
Mont Ace Tank 7790/LDT 86 USD 410.00/ton India
Modec Venture 1 Tank 22350/LDT 75 USD 8.2M lumpsum Bangladesh
Bow Fighter Tank 9344/LDT 82 USD 570.00/ton India inc.600t
Ocean Skill Tank 21464/LDT 83 USD 373.00/ton Bangladesh'as
Biz Tank 9415/LDT 84 - Bangladesh
Pisces 8 Tank 7200/LDT 82 - Bangladesh
Kanchana Silver Tank 2137/LDT 84 - Bangladesh
Abdurreis Twee 3990/LDT 78 USD 345.00/ton India
Al Shahd Twee 2186/LDT 69 - Pakistan
Radnor Twee 3855/LDT 75 USD 392.00/ton India
Tarpon Santiago Twee 5653/LDT 78 USD 360.00/ton China

(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)

Best regards
Vogt and Maguire Shipbroking Ltd

Vogt and Maguire Shipbroking Ltd is registered in England no. 4904031
Registered Office: 20 St. Dunstan's Hill, London, EC3R 8HL

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report/VOGT AND MACGUIRE-VARENCCO

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 12.02.2010
In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, not surprisingly we have seen a
relatively quiet week in the Sale and Purchase market. The focus was again
the panamaxes and supramaxes. The VLCC 'Front Vista' is believed to have
sold for Usd 58.5 M in a BBHP deal.

Activity in the newbuilding market has picked up considerably with a number
orders placed in various shipyards. The growing popularity of kamsarmaxes
became evident in the last few weeks has been confirmed by two orders placed
China and South Korea. South Korean Samsung HI has also announced that it is
planning to start building kamsarmaxes in its Chinese facility. Prices are
ranging between Usd 35 M and Usd 37 M depending on the shipyard, delivery

In the demolition market 'LYSAKER'(35205 LDT) was the second VLCC sold for
scrap this year; she fetched Usd 400 per ldt from Bangaldeshi breakers.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Ocean Comfort Cape 149,477 92 USD 19.25 M China
North King Cape 127,907 81 USD 7.60 M China
Anna Pmax 72,000 99 USD 28.25 M India
Quesa Uno Pmax 70,312 93 USD 20.50 M China
Maja Vestida Pmax 70,213 94 USD 21.50 M Undisclosed
Ermis Pmax 64,379 84 USD 8.00 M Undisclosed
Vale Smax 57,000 09 USD 31.50 M China (dely 2010)
Nord Bright Smax 56,000 10 USD 37.00 M Undisclosed(incl 1 yr
Medi Dubai Smax 51,800 01 USD 25.75 M Undisclosed
Annika Smax 51,770 06 USD 31.50 M Korea
Ocean King Hmax 47,314 01 USD 24.40 M Greece
Serasih Hmax 45,877 85 USD 9.00 M Undisclosed
Melpomeni Hmax 39,132 85 USD 8.30 M Greece
Silver Bin Hmax 38,925 86 USD 6.50 M Indonesia
East Sunrise Guangzhou Hmax 38,030 84 USD 7.40 M Greece
Hanjin Istanbul Hndy 27,362 97 USD 16.00 M Europe
Clipper Melody Hndy 26,068 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed
Neera Naree Hndy 25,309 86 USD 6.10 M Undisclosed
Thor Tribute Hndy 24,374 85 USD 3.40 M Singapore
Ataraxia Hndy 21,289 82 - Undisclosed

Front Vista Vlcc 300,149 98 USD 58.50 M Indonesia
(BBHP on USD 43,500/day for 10 yrs)
Chemstar Eagle Tank 19,000 00 USD 15.20 M USA
Dynamic Express Tank 42,253 93 USD 9.00 M India

Lucky Safe Bulk 6839/LDT 77 - China
Msc Leader Cont 13250/LDT 78 USD 368.00/ton India
Finskiy Zaliv Reef 7126/LDT 70 - China
Sea Hana Roro 7203/LDT 78 USD 393.00/ton Bangladesh
Sea Ahmed Roro 11375/LDT 78 USD 393.00/ton Bangladesh
Pacific Winner Roro 16839/LDT 87 USD 395.00/ton Undisclosed
Ducky Splendid Roro 7881/LDT 81 USD 386.00/ton India
Lysaker Tank 35205/LDT 89 USD 400.00/ton Bangladesh
Iron Monger 9 Tank 89 USD 408.00/ton Undisclosed
Bsle Energy Twee 9985/LDT 78 USD 380.00/ton India
Bsle Empress Twee 9985/LDT 78 USD 380.00/ton India
Namibia Twee 77 USD 295.00/ton 'as is'South Africa
Salsabila Twee 5970/LDT 79 USD 355.00/ton India
Novanoor Twee 5979/LDT 78 USD 349.00/ton Pakistan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OLPC as a communication response to infrastructral challenges in Haiti


As 10 million post-Earthquake Haitians struggle to survive, then make sense of their flattened communities and missing infrastructure, OLPC’s community-driven Contributors Program is working with the US Naval Postgraduate School’s Hastily Formed Networks Research Group’s Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief project (blog) — and Sahana, an award-winning Free and Open Source Disaster Management System inspired by 2004’s Indian Ocean Tsunami — to support their Haiti response.

Haiti Population Density Map (1970)

We want free ruggedized XO Laptops running Linux (with Wifi, browser, kids’ learning activities and a whole lot more) to go to to aid/reconstruction groups who quickly explain to us their need.  We’re in discussions with 5 so far, but want you to help us find many more aid/reconstruction groups and initiatives that can leverage our work.  Supplies are limited, but we will do our human best to consider all genuinely committed groups — please request/explain your need today at:

Note Full Applications will be processed more quickly.

Free solar-charging backpacks are also currently available independently from: ! (for more intensive uses, please consider other alternative energy approaches)

Thanks for spreading the word — please find your own way to help Haitians into the new decade, building a whole new country.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 15.01.2010 ==============================================================

While freight rates continued to be healthy the sale and purchase activity has been concentrated on modern handysize vessels. Nevertheless, demand for older tonnage is still strong especially from Chinese Buyers who are targeting early 80's bulkers of all sizes. Activity seems to have come back in the tanker market too; the older VLCC 'Protaras' managed to find storage Buyers, whereas the early 90's built suezmaxes 'Romea Champion' and 'Tropic Brilance' have been sold for conversion. For modern tonnage there has been an increasing interest for MR tankers with a few interesting sales reported.


In the newbuilding sector, two supramaxes being constructed at the Chinese shipyard Qingshan have been cancelled. An order for two suezmaxes at the Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy came to light and the final cost is believed to be aroung Usd 136 M. Despite the number of newbuilding deliveries planned for 2010 there has been an increasing interest for well priced dry and wet orders in the last two months.


Demolition prices in the subcontinent remain in the mid/high 300s for dry tonnage and have reached even a high Usd 410 per LDT for wet tonnage by Indian breakers.


Name               Type   Dwt   Blt Price      Buyer


Peace Blossom      Cape  148,982 87 USD 11.60 M Undisclosed

Gertrud Salamon    Pmax   74,000 00 USD 27.50 M Korea en bloc

Willie Salamon     Pmax   74,000 00 USD 27.50 M  ''     ''

Ocean Korea        Pmax   64,575 84 USD  6.95 M China

Rena               Pmax   64,219 81 USD  5.60 M China

Tiara Ocean        Hmax   52,300 04 USD 25.50 M Hong Kong

Furness Timika     Hmax   52,100 01 USD 25.00 M China

Stellar Iris       Hmax   43,003 90 USD  8.75 M Undisclosed

Zamrud             Hmax   41,630 86 USD  8.50 M China

Mentor             Hndy   34,947 83 USD  4.60 M China

Shinyo Progress    Hndy   32,500 09 USD 24.50 M Swiss

IVS Lavender       Hndy   29,000 04 USD 22.00 M Singapore

Selendang Kasa     Hndy   28,410 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed

Selendang Mayang   Hndy   28,409 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed

Nosco Peace        Hndy   26,384 83 USD  4.20 M Undisclosed

DS Mirage          Hndy   25,096 97 USD 13.00 M Undisclosed

Global Dream       Hndy   24,393 97 USD 12.60 M Taiwan

Elisabeth Bolten   Bulk   13,022 01 USD 11.00 M Spain

Asian Robin        Bulk    9,038 94 USD  5.00 M Undisclosed


Princess Nadia     Comb  152,329 87  -          Undisclosed


Sunman           1613teu   24,370 95 USD  6.60 M Singapore

Mol Bright       1030teu   16,650 98 USD  6.80 M China

Fesco Aleut      1118teu   13,760 06 USD 13.25 M Undisclosed

                                     (inc 5 yr tc at usd 6750pd)

Fesco Altay      1080teu   13,760 06 USD 13.25 M Undisclosed

                                     (inc 5 yr tc at usd 6750 pd)

Kapitan Byankin  1016teu   12,706 94 USD  3.25 M Far East

Kapitan Konev    1016teu   12,706 95 USD  4.00 M Far East

Yuriy Ostrovskiy 2026teu   12,360 94 USD  3.25 M Far East

Christian Russ    585teu    9,493 94 USD  4.25 M Undisclosed

Horst B           700teu    7,850 94 USD  2.25 M Undisclosed


Bw Challenger      Gas     56,885 92 USD 35.00 M Singapore

Bw Clipper         Gas     56,864 92 USD 35.00 M Singapore

Gas Fortune        Gas      3,009 95 USD  5.60 M Undisclosed


Protaras           Tank   255,028 89  -          China

Romea Champion     Tank   154,970 92 USD 16.50 M Undisclosed (conversion)

Tropic Brilliance  Tank   154,970 92 USD 16.50 M Undisclosed (conversion)

Parthenon          Tank   107,018 03 USD 38.00 M Pakistan

Marathon           Tank   107,000 03 USD 38.00 M Pakistan

Fr8 Reginamar      Tank    69,250 04 USD 35.50 M Undisclosed

                                        (inc 3 yr tc back at usd 16000/d)

Gan-Valour         Tank    47,000 07 USD 52.00 M Norway (en bloc)

Gan-Victory        Tank    47,000 07 USD  ''       ''      ''

                                        (incl 7 yrs BB charter at usd 7500 pd)


Rose               Tank    45,000 04 USD 24.00 M China

Azov Wind          Tank    17,420 88 USD  1.58 M Undisclosed

Aegina             Tank     9,268 92 USD  3.20 M Nigeria

North Castle       Tank     7,800 08 USD 17.00 M Undisclosed




Razan            Bulk  2432/LDT   69 USD 350.00/ton India

Harita Bauxite   Bulk             83 USD 317.00/ton China

Sinokor Shanghai Cont 12574/LDT   82 USD 340.00/ton China

Oslo Express     Cont             87 USD 348.00/ton India

Gaz Atlantic     Gas  22556/LDT   80 USD 390.00/ton India

Mostraum         Tank  3430/LDT   81 USD 610.00/ton India (incl 312 tons

                                                           st.steel 316L)

Chin Yun         Tank  9735/LDT   84 USD 344.75/ton Bangladesh (auction as is


Wind Star        Tank  4420/LDT   82 USD 410.00/ton India

Shinyo Jubilee   Tank 32197/LDT   88 USD 415.00/ton Bangladesh

                                                incl 3500 tons bunkers onboard)

Al Hamriyah Star Tank             85 USD 380.00/ton 'as is' Dubai

Maribel          Twee  3716/LDT   72 USD 350.00/ton India

Boris Babochkin  Twee  6931/LDT   84 USD 355.00/ton India

Pokoj            Twee  9439/LDT   77 USD 374.00/ton India


(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)