Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OLPC as a communication response to infrastructral challenges in Haiti


As 10 million post-Earthquake Haitians struggle to survive, then make sense of their flattened communities and missing infrastructure, OLPC’s community-driven Contributors Program is working with the US Naval Postgraduate School’s Hastily Formed Networks Research Group’s Humanitarian Aid/Disaster Relief project (blog) — and Sahana, an award-winning Free and Open Source Disaster Management System inspired by 2004’s Indian Ocean Tsunami — to support their Haiti response.

Haiti Population Density Map (1970)

We want free ruggedized XO Laptops running Linux (with Wifi, browser, kids’ learning activities and a whole lot more) to go to to aid/reconstruction groups who quickly explain to us their need.  We’re in discussions with 5 so far, but want you to help us find many more aid/reconstruction groups and initiatives that can leverage our work.  Supplies are limited, but we will do our human best to consider all genuinely committed groups — please request/explain your need today at: help@laptop.org

Note Full Applications will be processed more quickly.

Free solar-charging backpacks are also currently available independently from: jeff@voltaicsystems.com ! (for more intensive uses, please consider other alternative energy approaches)

Thanks for spreading the word — please find your own way to help Haitians into the new decade, building a whole new country.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 15.01.2010 ==============================================================

While freight rates continued to be healthy the sale and purchase activity has been concentrated on modern handysize vessels. Nevertheless, demand for older tonnage is still strong especially from Chinese Buyers who are targeting early 80's bulkers of all sizes. Activity seems to have come back in the tanker market too; the older VLCC 'Protaras' managed to find storage Buyers, whereas the early 90's built suezmaxes 'Romea Champion' and 'Tropic Brilance' have been sold for conversion. For modern tonnage there has been an increasing interest for MR tankers with a few interesting sales reported.


In the newbuilding sector, two supramaxes being constructed at the Chinese shipyard Qingshan have been cancelled. An order for two suezmaxes at the Korean shipyard Samsung Heavy came to light and the final cost is believed to be aroung Usd 136 M. Despite the number of newbuilding deliveries planned for 2010 there has been an increasing interest for well priced dry and wet orders in the last two months.


Demolition prices in the subcontinent remain in the mid/high 300s for dry tonnage and have reached even a high Usd 410 per LDT for wet tonnage by Indian breakers.


Name               Type   Dwt   Blt Price      Buyer


Peace Blossom      Cape  148,982 87 USD 11.60 M Undisclosed

Gertrud Salamon    Pmax   74,000 00 USD 27.50 M Korea en bloc

Willie Salamon     Pmax   74,000 00 USD 27.50 M  ''     ''

Ocean Korea        Pmax   64,575 84 USD  6.95 M China

Rena               Pmax   64,219 81 USD  5.60 M China

Tiara Ocean        Hmax   52,300 04 USD 25.50 M Hong Kong

Furness Timika     Hmax   52,100 01 USD 25.00 M China

Stellar Iris       Hmax   43,003 90 USD  8.75 M Undisclosed

Zamrud             Hmax   41,630 86 USD  8.50 M China

Mentor             Hndy   34,947 83 USD  4.60 M China

Shinyo Progress    Hndy   32,500 09 USD 24.50 M Swiss

IVS Lavender       Hndy   29,000 04 USD 22.00 M Singapore

Selendang Kasa     Hndy   28,410 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed

Selendang Mayang   Hndy   28,409 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed

Nosco Peace        Hndy   26,384 83 USD  4.20 M Undisclosed

DS Mirage          Hndy   25,096 97 USD 13.00 M Undisclosed

Global Dream       Hndy   24,393 97 USD 12.60 M Taiwan

Elisabeth Bolten   Bulk   13,022 01 USD 11.00 M Spain

Asian Robin        Bulk    9,038 94 USD  5.00 M Undisclosed


Princess Nadia     Comb  152,329 87  -          Undisclosed


Sunman           1613teu   24,370 95 USD  6.60 M Singapore

Mol Bright       1030teu   16,650 98 USD  6.80 M China

Fesco Aleut      1118teu   13,760 06 USD 13.25 M Undisclosed

                                     (inc 5 yr tc at usd 6750pd)

Fesco Altay      1080teu   13,760 06 USD 13.25 M Undisclosed

                                     (inc 5 yr tc at usd 6750 pd)

Kapitan Byankin  1016teu   12,706 94 USD  3.25 M Far East

Kapitan Konev    1016teu   12,706 95 USD  4.00 M Far East

Yuriy Ostrovskiy 2026teu   12,360 94 USD  3.25 M Far East

Christian Russ    585teu    9,493 94 USD  4.25 M Undisclosed

Horst B           700teu    7,850 94 USD  2.25 M Undisclosed


Bw Challenger      Gas     56,885 92 USD 35.00 M Singapore

Bw Clipper         Gas     56,864 92 USD 35.00 M Singapore

Gas Fortune        Gas      3,009 95 USD  5.60 M Undisclosed


Protaras           Tank   255,028 89  -          China

Romea Champion     Tank   154,970 92 USD 16.50 M Undisclosed (conversion)

Tropic Brilliance  Tank   154,970 92 USD 16.50 M Undisclosed (conversion)

Parthenon          Tank   107,018 03 USD 38.00 M Pakistan

Marathon           Tank   107,000 03 USD 38.00 M Pakistan

Fr8 Reginamar      Tank    69,250 04 USD 35.50 M Undisclosed

                                        (inc 3 yr tc back at usd 16000/d)

Gan-Valour         Tank    47,000 07 USD 52.00 M Norway (en bloc)

Gan-Victory        Tank    47,000 07 USD  ''       ''      ''

                                        (incl 7 yrs BB charter at usd 7500 pd)


Rose               Tank    45,000 04 USD 24.00 M China

Azov Wind          Tank    17,420 88 USD  1.58 M Undisclosed

Aegina             Tank     9,268 92 USD  3.20 M Nigeria

North Castle       Tank     7,800 08 USD 17.00 M Undisclosed




Razan            Bulk  2432/LDT   69 USD 350.00/ton India

Harita Bauxite   Bulk             83 USD 317.00/ton China

Sinokor Shanghai Cont 12574/LDT   82 USD 340.00/ton China

Oslo Express     Cont             87 USD 348.00/ton India

Gaz Atlantic     Gas  22556/LDT   80 USD 390.00/ton India

Mostraum         Tank  3430/LDT   81 USD 610.00/ton India (incl 312 tons

                                                           st.steel 316L)

Chin Yun         Tank  9735/LDT   84 USD 344.75/ton Bangladesh (auction as is


Wind Star        Tank  4420/LDT   82 USD 410.00/ton India

Shinyo Jubilee   Tank 32197/LDT   88 USD 415.00/ton Bangladesh

                                                incl 3500 tons bunkers onboard)

Al Hamriyah Star Tank             85 USD 380.00/ton 'as is' Dubai

Maribel          Twee  3716/LDT   72 USD 350.00/ton India

Boris Babochkin  Twee  6931/LDT   84 USD 355.00/ton India

Pokoj            Twee  9439/LDT   77 USD 374.00/ton India


(All details given in good faith but without guarantee)