Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sale and Purchase Market Report/VOGT AND MACGUIRE-VARENCCO

Sale and Purchase Market Report for the Week Ending 12.02.2010
In view of the upcoming Chinese New Year, not surprisingly we have seen a
relatively quiet week in the Sale and Purchase market. The focus was again
the panamaxes and supramaxes. The VLCC 'Front Vista' is believed to have
sold for Usd 58.5 M in a BBHP deal.

Activity in the newbuilding market has picked up considerably with a number
orders placed in various shipyards. The growing popularity of kamsarmaxes
became evident in the last few weeks has been confirmed by two orders placed
China and South Korea. South Korean Samsung HI has also announced that it is
planning to start building kamsarmaxes in its Chinese facility. Prices are
ranging between Usd 35 M and Usd 37 M depending on the shipyard, delivery

In the demolition market 'LYSAKER'(35205 LDT) was the second VLCC sold for
scrap this year; she fetched Usd 400 per ldt from Bangaldeshi breakers.

Name Type Dwt Blt Price Buyer
Ocean Comfort Cape 149,477 92 USD 19.25 M China
North King Cape 127,907 81 USD 7.60 M China
Anna Pmax 72,000 99 USD 28.25 M India
Quesa Uno Pmax 70,312 93 USD 20.50 M China
Maja Vestida Pmax 70,213 94 USD 21.50 M Undisclosed
Ermis Pmax 64,379 84 USD 8.00 M Undisclosed
Vale Smax 57,000 09 USD 31.50 M China (dely 2010)
Nord Bright Smax 56,000 10 USD 37.00 M Undisclosed(incl 1 yr
Medi Dubai Smax 51,800 01 USD 25.75 M Undisclosed
Annika Smax 51,770 06 USD 31.50 M Korea
Ocean King Hmax 47,314 01 USD 24.40 M Greece
Serasih Hmax 45,877 85 USD 9.00 M Undisclosed
Melpomeni Hmax 39,132 85 USD 8.30 M Greece
Silver Bin Hmax 38,925 86 USD 6.50 M Indonesia
East Sunrise Guangzhou Hmax 38,030 84 USD 7.40 M Greece
Hanjin Istanbul Hndy 27,362 97 USD 16.00 M Europe
Clipper Melody Hndy 26,068 97 USD 13.50 M Undisclosed
Neera Naree Hndy 25,309 86 USD 6.10 M Undisclosed
Thor Tribute Hndy 24,374 85 USD 3.40 M Singapore
Ataraxia Hndy 21,289 82 - Undisclosed

Front Vista Vlcc 300,149 98 USD 58.50 M Indonesia
(BBHP on USD 43,500/day for 10 yrs)
Chemstar Eagle Tank 19,000 00 USD 15.20 M USA
Dynamic Express Tank 42,253 93 USD 9.00 M India

Lucky Safe Bulk 6839/LDT 77 - China
Msc Leader Cont 13250/LDT 78 USD 368.00/ton India
Finskiy Zaliv Reef 7126/LDT 70 - China
Sea Hana Roro 7203/LDT 78 USD 393.00/ton Bangladesh
Sea Ahmed Roro 11375/LDT 78 USD 393.00/ton Bangladesh
Pacific Winner Roro 16839/LDT 87 USD 395.00/ton Undisclosed
Ducky Splendid Roro 7881/LDT 81 USD 386.00/ton India
Lysaker Tank 35205/LDT 89 USD 400.00/ton Bangladesh
Iron Monger 9 Tank 89 USD 408.00/ton Undisclosed
Bsle Energy Twee 9985/LDT 78 USD 380.00/ton India
Bsle Empress Twee 9985/LDT 78 USD 380.00/ton India
Namibia Twee 77 USD 295.00/ton 'as is'South Africa
Salsabila Twee 5970/LDT 79 USD 355.00/ton India
Novanoor Twee 5979/LDT 78 USD 349.00/ton Pakistan

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