Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch quake: Govt accepts foreign help

Christchurch quake: Govt accepts foreign help

Friday, February 4, 2011

Indian Ports Agenda to 2020

The agenda for the decade for the Ports are:

* A new policy on dredging

* Corporatisation of Major Ports

* Create Port capacity of 3200 MT for handling about 2500 MT of cargo

* Develop Two New Major Ports one each on east and west coasts.

* Development of two hub ports on each of the West and the East coasts
- Mumbai (JNPT), Kochi, Chennai and Visakhapatnam

* Establishing 'Indian Ports Global' for overseas investments by
Indian Ports

* Establishing a Port Regulator for all ports for setting, monitoring
and regulating service levels and technical & performance standards

* Full mechanization of cargo handling and movement

* Identification and implementation of projects for rail, road and
inland waterway connectivity to ports

* Implementation of the Port development projects

* Improve Port performance on par with the best in the world.

* Increase Coastal Shipping and facilitate hassle-free multimodal

* Increase India's share in global ship building to 5%.

* Increase India's share of seafarer to 9% of the global strength by

* Increase tonnage both under the Indian flag as well as Indian

* Major Ports to have draft of not less than 14 metres and hub ports
17 metres

* New Land Policy for Major Ports

* New Policy on captive berths

* New Policy on dredging

* Policy on co-operation and competition amongst Indian Ports

* Port Policy Measures

* Promote use of the inland waterways for cargo movement

* Shifting of transshipment of Indian containers from foreign ports to
Indian ports