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World Maritime Day 2013:

Sustainable Development: IMO's contribution beyond Rio+20

The theme was chosen in order to focus IMO's efforts during 2013 on carrying out the commitments made at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, better known as Rio+20, held in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


World Maritime Day 2013 will be observed during the week of 23 to 27 September.


The text of the World Maritime Day message from the Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization, Mr. Koji Sekimizu can be downloaded here.





HSH Nordbank is likely to unload 20 more vessels from its portfolio – of tankers and containerships in batches of 10 . Average ship values at 30 Million with deal terms similar to deals done like the Navios deal in April.

Meanwhile Bloomberg reports that  U.S. natural-gas supplies is leading to increased demand for Chemical carriers for US_Asia trades seeing Time Charter values in excess of 14500 USD per day for 20000 DWT vessels

Costa Concordia Salvage The unprecedented operation, which was delayed by several hours by overnight storms, began this morning (local time) after a maritime exclusion zone was established around the site. Salvage co-ordinators estimate the lifting could last up to 12 hours and say there will inevitably be some spillage of the ship's waste contents into the pristine Mediterranean waters.


Bimco  says:  Uncertainties in laytime definitions currently used in charter parties have been addressed in the latest Laytime Definitions of Charter Parties 2013.  Created by a shipping industry working group consisting of BIMCO, the Baltic Exchange, Comitė Maritime International (CMI) and the Federation of National  Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents  (FONASBA), the new document sets out statements of meaning of words and phrases commonly used in the context of laytime and reflects contemporary market understanding based on the current state of English law.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Bunker industry is shipping's new banker

Shipowners needing to reposition their ships for better charter opportunities or  move from their existing trading area or even take the vessel to dry-dock are faced to contemplate  a large  fuel bill that the vessels cash flow cannot support- this places constraints on what would be rational decisions and overall must make for a sub optimal freight solutions- that fuel bill itself is a great inhibitor to moving tonnage from an area of surplus to an area of deficit-  Lloyds List

Quoting   Lloyds List article

Shipping needs financial assistance The bunker trading industry and traditional finance could work together

Hal Brown - Thursday 12 September 2013

THE bunker trading industry has in effect become the new banker for the shipping industry, according to a leading bunker industry expert.

This is because access to credit from the bunker industry to secure expensive fuel is vital for shipowners struggling to pay the bills in the current poor shipping market.

According to the International Bunker Industry Association’s immediate past chairman Nigel Draffin, the role of the bunker industry as shipping’s financial lifeline should be noted by traditional financial institutions, which have distanced themselves from shipping in recent years, due to the poor market.

The bunker trading industry and traditional finance could work together on helping shipping.



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For more prices, visit:
Oil prices at approximately 21:40 EST :
WTI: $108.05 Change: 0.01 (Aug 13 contract)
Brent: $108.07 Change: -0.63 (Sep 13 contract)



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Great Picture at SHipspotting

IMB Piracy & Armed Robbery Map 2013
The Piracy & Armed Robbery Map below follows the definition of Piracy as laid down in Article 101 of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and Armed Robbery as laid down in Resolution A.1025 (26) adopted on 2 December 2009 at the 26th Assembly Session of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).
This map shows all the piracy and armed robbery incidents reported to the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre during 2013. If exact coordinates are not provided, estimated positions are shown based on information provided. Zoom-in and click on the pointers to view more information of an individual attack. Pointers may be superimposed on each other.

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Multi-BUZZ #12
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28 March 2013   Buzz #12
A snapshot of where India stands in the Asian Century White Paper
Excerpts from

1. The Australia in the Asian Century White Paper places India in a position of much greater significance than it has previously achieved in our national consciousness. India is identified as one of five key regional nations that are most important to Australia, along with China, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia.


Multiculturalism is not just a passing fancy
By Priya Prakash

The camels have been shampooed, the taxi is waiting, and lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been turned on, but "Where the bloody hell are you?" Does this ring a bell?

The 2006 Australia tourism campaign; after being on air for about 2 years, the advertisement was finally laid to rest; albeit in the receptacle of advertising history. 


Five things you didn't know about Holi
By Mallika Goel

Much like any country has their iconic festivals- La Tomatina Festival in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany or even The Carnival in Rio, India has Holi - the closest we Indians come to having a raucous public party. As this colourful and exuberant festival nears in 2013, we've compiled a list of top five interesting facts to get you up to speed:


Meet our new Graphic Designer...Diya Dasgupta

1. Your first impression of MC at your interview?

I walked in to MC with a pounding heart, excited and nervous…and terribly wanting to impress my interviewer. Little did I realize I was going to be interviewed by not one, but five women…simultaneously! 


From the Editor's Desk

Ready. Steady. It's a long weekend! Fly away to Bali, to the Gold Coast, perhaps to the Caribbean? Not this time! 

I met two business associates very recently at a recent business event and both of them eagerly shared that they were heading to India for this long Easter weekend and were looking forward
to it. 

A long weekend of Easter and Holi celebrations coming together in India will certainly make their trip a colourful one and a memorable one at that. India is in the forefront today and for the right reasons. Any international business plan that does not include India cannot reflect vision. 

With the growing and rapid professional  migration from India to Australia, any marketing plan that does not include the Indian and sub-continent audience residing in Australia, will not be tapping into the fullest extent of audience and revenue opportunities for the marketer. 

I leave you to dabble with these ideas and more. In this issue of Multibuzz we talk about the Asian White Paper spotlight on India, five things about Holi you didn't know, why multiculturalism is not a passing fancy and an interview with our new designer, Diya Dasgupta.

Happy Holi and Easter to all our readers! 

Multiculturalism is the New Mainstream

Multi-BUZZ is brought to you by Multicall Connexions a 360° integrated and a GOLD EFFIE award winning agency specialising in multicultural marketing and advertising communication. If you are interested in communicating about your products and services with the rapidly growing 10 million + multicultural consumers, you are invited to visit

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LNG bunkering feasible in 10 Australian ports

Canberra: A DNV-led joint industry project (JIP) has identified 10 Australian ports which have the potential to offer LNG bunkering by 2016, backed by attractive payback periods for investments with no significant legal restrictions hindering development.

The study focused on LNG fuelled offshore support vessels (OSVs) and tugs, and believed that with proper combinations of bunkering solutions such as tank trucks, permanent tanks and barges in the different ports, efficient LNG bunkering can be established.

“Increasing LNG production along with new international regulations boost the interest in LNG fuelled shipping; this may actually to some extent switch ships from fuelling with imported fuel to using domestically produced LNG,” said Henning Mohn, project manager for the JIP.

The JIP recommended more technical guidelines and a clearer regulatory framework to be in placed, along with financial incentives to kick-start the development.

DNV noted that when establishing LNG bunkering, the critical business phase is the first two to four years of operation when the LNG suppliers rely on a few brave shipowners willing to be industry forerunners.

After some years of successful operation a second wave of ships is expected to enter the market, which will reduce suppliers' uncertainty and reinforce the business case. An accelerated approach can open up LNG bunkering in Australia by 2016.

The partners of the JIP comprise of Australian Maritime Safety Authority, BOC Limited (Linde Group), Farstad Shipping, Ports Australia, Rolls-Royce Marine, Svitzer Australia, Swire Pacific Offshore Operations, Teekay Shipping (Australia), Woodside Energy, and DNV.

The use of LNG as a fuel for ships is seen as one of the options to address the future environmental and commercial challenges in the shipping industry.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

 ChartSafety Alerts Add comments



On the left, a counterfeit product and on the right, an official Admiralty publication.

Counterfeits are everywhere. The UK Hydrographic Office, UKHO, has issued a warning that fake Admiralty charts are in circulation which, because they are not official publications, do not meet carriage requirements of the International Convention on the Safety of Life at Sea (see Chapter V, Regulations 2.2 and of the Convention). Likewise their carriage may not satisfy the requirements of (and may be contrary to) the local laws of Flag State Authorities and Port State Controls.

Says UKHO: “Counterfeit products have not undergone the rigorous checking procedures which take place for official products and they cannot be trusted in the same way. Their use may increase the safety risk to vessels, crews and cargoes”.

The UKHO is asking users, inspectors and regulators to be vigilant. If there is any suspicion that an Admiralty product is a counterfeit, the UKHO requests that it be informed. Details of where and when the product was purchased, photographs and ideally the product itself are all useful in identifying the source. The UKHO will actively seek to stop the production and sale of counterfeit copies of its products.

The UKHO has produced this guide to help identify genuine Admiralty products.


Suspicious charts can be compared to existing stock. Genuine charts bear the Admiralty “Flying A” watermark within the paper, which can be seen by holding the chart up to the light.
A suspicious chart may not be folded correctly. This can be checked by comparing its folds to a similar sized Admiralty chart.
The ‘look and feel’ of a suspicious chart can be compared to a genuine Admiralty chart. If the ink on a chart looks to be a different colour tone, weight or feel then it is probably a counterfeit copy.
Every Admiralty chart carries a ‘thumb label’ strip on the reverse of the chart that contains the Admiralty logo, the chart number, the geographic area featured, a barcode and date.


Check the height – all Admiralty publications within the same category are the same height (e.g. all Sailing Directions are all the same). The height of a book can be compared to others in the same Admiralty category.
All Admiralty publications are printed to identical print standards. If a publication looks different to a genuine publication, it is almost certainly a counterfeit. Please note that the Admiralty branding is changing and so comparisons need to be made between publications carrying the same branding.
The quality of the print can be inspected. If a book has uneven pages, inconsistent margins, variable ink strength or unfamiliar paper it is almost certainly counterfeit.
The binding can be checked. Genuine publications are tightly bound.
Counterfeit publications may have a weak spine and even text on the inside of the spine.
The cover can be checked. All genuine Sailing Directions are hardbound and all genuine Lights Lists are limp bound.
A new edition can be compared to the previous edition to see if there are differences in look and feel.

Anyone with suspicions over the authenticity of their Admiralty charts and publications is asked to
contact the UKHO by emailing


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      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Auckland Central, New Zealand</a></li>

      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Ranakpur, India</a></li>

      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Sydney, Australia</a></li>

      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Singapore, Singapore</a></li>

      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Prague, Czech Republic</a></li>

      <li id="null"><a href="" id="null">Yamba, Australia</a></li>


  <ul style="margin: 10px 0 0 -10px" id="null">

            <li id="null">Create your own <a href="" style="color: #2e328c; text-decoration: none" id="null">travel map</a>.</li>





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Marida Magnolia  

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anchorage Beira Anchorage

Mozambique Channel/21.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 21.12.2013 02:00

status alert

Marida Mallow  

My Vessels

Last known port: 
Abidjan (08.01.2013)

Gulf of Guinea/19.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 22.01.2013 12:00

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Marida Maple  

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Last known port: 
Lagos (10.08.2012)

Bight of Biafra/02.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 08.11.2013 12:30

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Marida Marguerite  
Cargo Ship

My Vessels

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Tema (21.11.2012)

Bight of Benin/19.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 16.01.2013 20:00

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Marida Marigold  

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Last known port: 
San Lorenzo (17.01.2013)

Río de la Plata/20.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 04.02.2013 23:00

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Marida Melissa  

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Last known port: 
Rotterdam (25.12.2011)

Bight of Benin/22.10.2012/(T-AIS)

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ETA: 20.01.2013 14:00

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not moving

Gulf of Mexico/21.01.2013/(T-AIS)

ETA: 19.01.2013 23:00

status aler





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