Monday, September 16, 2013


HSH Nordbank is likely to unload 20 more vessels from its portfolio – of tankers and containerships in batches of 10 . Average ship values at 30 Million with deal terms similar to deals done like the Navios deal in April.

Meanwhile Bloomberg reports that  U.S. natural-gas supplies is leading to increased demand for Chemical carriers for US_Asia trades seeing Time Charter values in excess of 14500 USD per day for 20000 DWT vessels

Costa Concordia Salvage The unprecedented operation, which was delayed by several hours by overnight storms, began this morning (local time) after a maritime exclusion zone was established around the site. Salvage co-ordinators estimate the lifting could last up to 12 hours and say there will inevitably be some spillage of the ship's waste contents into the pristine Mediterranean waters.


Bimco  says:  Uncertainties in laytime definitions currently used in charter parties have been addressed in the latest Laytime Definitions of Charter Parties 2013.  Created by a shipping industry working group consisting of BIMCO, the Baltic Exchange, Comitė Maritime International (CMI) and the Federation of National  Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents  (FONASBA), the new document sets out statements of meaning of words and phrases commonly used in the context of laytime and reflects contemporary market understanding based on the current state of English law.


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