Thursday, August 4, 2016

Ship Technology - New Vessel

The Royal Research Ship (RRS) Sir David Attenborough is a polar research vessel to be constructed by Cammell Laird at its Birkenhead shipyard in Merseyside, UK, for Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). NERC's British Antarctic Survey (BAS) will operate the vessel.

The project was announced in April 2014, the construction is expected to start in the third quarter of 2016, and the vessel is anticipated to start operations in the third quarter of 2019.

"It forms part of a larger capital investment of £6.9bn earmarked by the UK Government for science, for a period up to 2021."

The project is estimated to require an investment of approximately £200m ($260m). It forms part of a larger capital investment of £6.9bn earmarked by the UK Government for science, for a period up to 2021.

The construction phase of the polar research vessel is expected to generate approximately 400 jobs and 60 apprenticeships.

RRS Sir David Attenborough will carry Lloyd's Register's class notations including +100A1, Polar Research Vessel +LMC, CAC1, LFPL, UMS, DP (AA), IBS, NAV1, PSMR*, ECO (BWT, GW, OW, P, NOx, SOx, IHM, R), Helicopter Landing Area, PC4, Winterisation D (-40), H (-40), S(C), and IWS.

Design and capacity of RRS Sir David Attenborough

The vessel will have an overall length of 128m, a breath of 24m and a draft of 7m, and will weigh 15,000t. It will be capable of accommodating 30 crew members, including 60 scientists and technical support staff. Designed to operate in the Antarctica and the Arctic waters, the vessel will be capable of enduring up to 60 days in sea-ice.

In addition to serving as a research vessel, it will also supply the five UK research stations in the Antarctic, operated by NERC's British Antarctic Survey, with cargo and research equipment.

Approximately 900m³ of space will be reserved for carrying scientific cargo onboard the vessel. The vessel will incorporate a customised moon-pool open to both the deck level and at the hull, for easy deployment of airborne robots, onboard environmental monitoring systems, and robotic submarines and marine gliders.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BIMCO's vision for the Shipping KPI System




Steering Group have agreed on a revised BIMCO Shipping KPI Vision and Mission

BIMCO's vision for the Shipping KPI System

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System will be the preferred and trusted tool of all shipowners, operators and managers allowing them to benchmark and monitor their company, fleet and ship performance. The system will add value to the users' businesses by highlighting opportunities to drive sustainable improvements.

Mission for the BIMCO Shipping KPI System

The BIMCO Shipping KPI System is a tool run by the industry for the industry, and therefore a trusted tool and source of information for all. Data collected will only be accessible by the data provider and will be used anonymously to avoid sensitive information being compromised. BIMCO will continuously take into account the broader needs of all potential users in the development and maintenance of the BIMCO Shipping KPI standard. The BIMCO Shipping KPI Steering group will oversee the project and ensure that its associated Expert Group fulfil current and future users' needs. Access to the BIMCO Shipping KPI via the website 

Please note that access to the BIMCO Shipping KPI as of July 2016 will be limited to data providers (owners and managers alike). BIMCO would like to take this opportunity to thank all current non-data provider users for their interest in the BIMCO Shipping KPI. We encourage all non-data providers to visit the website and subscribe to the BIMCO Shipping KPI monthly news and other notifications by clicking on the new button "Subscribe to news".

Please note that if you are either a new user or have recently started to use the BIMCO Shipping KPI again then we have listed some key advice to get you started:

  • select the most interesting KPI's for your company and report on the associated PI's
  • select readily available data and information within your company
  • do not start reporting on all ships and PI's in one go, add in stages
  • get the information and data flow structure together before expanding the reporting
  • the specified reporting times are in no way mandatory, merely recommendations, although a minimum of twice a year is preferable.

For more information:

Please email all other comments and questions to Peter Lundahl Rasmussen:

About BIMCO's Shipping KPI System

  • It has 64 different indicators
  • Provides an accurate comparison of ships
  • Has anonymised data
  • Boosts performance improvements
  • Ship/fleet/industry benchmarking
  • The Steering Group: has a direct reporting line to BIMCO's Executive Committee and is responsible for defining and adhering to the Shipping KPI's vision and mission as well as maintaining the overall business case for the system.
  • The Expert Group: reports to the steering group and is responsible for ensuring that the Shipping KPI System is continuously developed and fulfils both current and future needs of its users.

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